What to expect on a yoga class?

Fruits of yoga is personal.

There are yogis in need of a yummy-juicy asana practise. Others prefer a strong, challenging sequence in order to gain stillness. There are yogis loving the physical aspects, others prefer philosophical approach. There are yogis demanding hands-on adjustments, others are auditory learners, responding on spoken instructions better.

We are different, just like yoga teachers.

A group class cannot always fulfill each yogi’s expectations. The teacher teaches according to his/her personality and experiences to make it authentic. The only question is whether you resonate with it. Not always. That’s why trying different teacher’s classes and different type of classes is recommended.

I always remind beginner students before their first class, to avoid being judgemental. You may find the teacher’s charisma fascinating or not. A yoga class can be boring, too slow or not challenging enough, yet it still can be too hard, spiced up with seemingly impossible postures.
We suggest, entering a yoga studio for the first time, talk to the receptionist. This is our mission! You can find authentic people sharing their extensive knowledge already at registration. You can have all the information about our classes to find the most suitable one, considering your health condition.

Our teachers are also happy and available before classes to answer all your questions.

Our mission is to make you satisfied! Choose from a wide range of classes offered! We’re looking forward to see you on the mat!

Wishing you a lovely practise!

YogaArt Team