Zsóvár Krisztina


Have you ever had a feeling or recognition when you say: „Yes! I’ve found it! „ and suddenly the world becomes the most obvious thing. To me, this recognition was teaching yoga.

Yoga is my passion, my hobby, my profession. It’s complete.

It wasn’t a smooth journey. I didn’t grow up being in love with sports, I wasn’t immediately touched by yoga philosophy, I didn’t read yogic literature all the time. It has sneaked into my life step by step. Now it fills me with excitement and joy that this process will last in the rest of my life.

I learn not exclusively from books, on trainings, on the mat, but during teaching as well. Students don’t even know, how much they give me: experience and feelings. Learning from other people helps to learn about myself.

I studied the principles of traditional yoga on the 200 hours hatha yoga teacher training from Mukesh Kothari, indian yoga master. Meanwhile I completed a sports instructor course. Tengerdy Ági’s 200 Hours Yogin Training deepened my knowledge in meditation. Currently, I’m a teacher on training in Vinyasa Flow. I also completed a 100 hours training in Ayurvedic Therapy. I’m looking forward to endless possibilities!