Négyesi Áron


Yoga was introduced to me in 2001 during the university years, as a compulsory class for students excused from physical training classes. I put it aside after school and only retained neck- and pranayama exercises. I took part in Power Hike three years ago, which made me struggle in standing on my feet. It was healed by naturopathic treatment, but the real solution was yoga.

To be able to help others, I completed the yoga teacher training of Sivanada Centre in 2014 and gained a sport instructor certification. I passed the exam in Naturopathy (acupressure) in 2015 and the Spine Yoga Instructor Training in Madala Studio in 2016. I believe in the efficiency of Naturopathy treatments to bring physcial body back to balance, but constant results can only reached with developing the movement system and relaxation skills. That’s why I practise yoga and welcome you on my classes.