Horváth Réka


Yoga has always been part of my life. I’ve been interested in its philosophical aspects for 15 years. Since then, I live my life more and more consciously and alert. To me, training the physical body teaches humility, tenacity, discipline and provides lots of recognitions day by day and brings me closer to myself and others.

Regular practise was followed by a hatha yoga teacher training, a lot of workshops, Daubner self-knowledge course and even more practise. Each day holds possibility for development and self-study about real values. Yoga can make us capable of getting closer to our inner wisdom and uniting with all that used to seem oulier. Ultimately, this love-experience is the most important goal of yoga.

Teaching gifted me the opportunity to help others recognise their boundaries and with sustained practice break them down. I do my best to teach everything I have learned, everything I am receiving and I have learnt from this ancient wisdom.