Deák Eszter


Yoga means joy of moving to me. My practise has begun 20 years ago, bringing me deeper and deeper in each year in this fabulous art. At the beginning I did it, because I had to do some sport doing eight hour seated work daily. Late then, I practised to have some chill and to take care of myself.

Nowadays, I practise yoga, because I’d like to practise. I did a vinyasa flow teacher training, because I want more people to know this feeling. I’d like more and more people to follow my example and start moving their body and experience the feeling that even a short practise may effect life: it makes it happier, more balanced and healthier.

I believe that the toughest part of a yoga class is to pack your stuff up and leave home. Upon arrival to the studio you are in a good place for sure and I wait for you with a Vinyasa Flow class. So don’t be nervous, pack your stuff up and come. I feel very important to make everyone enjoy yoga and to bring variety, good atmosphere, dynamism and inspiration to my classes. Namaste.