Why choose us

  • We do believe yoga is for everyone
  • We provide a beautiful, relaxed environment
  • You can enjoy a cup of tea after practice

Benefits of yoga

  • Redirects energy into the physical body
  • Revitalises, restores mental and physical health
  • Increased immune system, oxygenated cardiovascular system
  • Keeps all of the joints supple and muscles long
  • Decreases depression, symptoms of insomnia
  • Develops harmony and keeps an overall mobility in the body
  • Calms the mind, dissolves stress



Daily ticket

2500 Ft

  • One session pass

11 000 Ft

  • 4 weeks pass from the day of purchase

20 000 Ft

  • 2 months pass from the day of purchase
Weekly ticket for new guests

4000 Ft

  • One week ticket for unlimited sessions

Spaces for rent

2 x 40 m2 beautiful rooms to host
your next workshop, event or small gathering.

Further information:

What people say about us

  • Thank you so much for the class, everything was super, we’re definitely going to come back!

    Illés Anett

  • Beautiful studio, which offers a friendly welcome. Teachers teach in an authentic way, they walk the talk. I felt great in each classes.

    Hátszegi Eszter

  • Very lovely, pleasant place. Everyone is kind and helpful, they have also offered me tea. I won’t miss the experience today either-:)

    Balogh Gabcsu

  • Instead of wanting, simply let yourself to create the moment. The atmosphere here is provided.

    Bakonyi Zoltán

  • Island of peace, wonderful energies!

    Tőke Tündi

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